Important Questions

All jobs are different so we cannot give an exact cost for each individual job without looking at it. There are different standards of finish that you can go for so it is entirely in the clients hands the ultimate cost. However as a guideline an extension will cost between £1200 - £2500 per square meter in South Yorkshire.
Again each job is different so we cannot say without looking at the site and the proposed plans. We aim to complete in 3 - 4 months. We have a home extension guide that will give you some more information on time scales in our know how section.
We have years of experience in the trade and understand what the homeowner needs. We work closely with the client and listen to any questions or concerns they may have. We are not a large company so we don't have loads of work that we struggle to manage and I think that shows in the level of customer care we provide.

Your General Questions

Absolutely. We cannot say how much exactly as there are a lot of factors to consider, area, size of house, type of extension etc. Generally a home extension is a great investment to add to your property.
In some cases, very large extensions that require a large amount of remodeling that require bi fold doors and entire external walls removing it may be best to move out for a while. However in most case a simple door opening will need to be formed so it would be fine to stay in your home. There will be a lot of dust and noise but we will work together with you and your neighbours to make sure that every one is happy.
About 3 - 6 months. Materials are subject to price rises so we would review the price with you before agreeing to go ahead. We are quite transparent with our costs.

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